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Hampton Hill Junior School

Young Interpreters Scheme

We are very excited that we run  our YOUNG INTERPRETER scheme.

This scheme enables bilingual pupils to learn how to use their language skills in a variety of ways to help new arrivals to access English and feel part of the school as quickly as possible.

In this scheme there are a range of languages, along with English only speakers, and there are activities that will enable children, from all languages, to clarify, explain and ‘interpret’ in role-play

The idea is for us to empower children and give them the confidence to use their language skills. Through the medium of this pupil friendly scheme there are identified YOUNG INTERPRETERS who will receive a badge and certificate on the completion of this programme.

Two hours training will be required and this will be spread over several weeks, with regular 20 minute weekly sessions delivered during lunch times. Every learner will be given the opportunity to apply using an application form which will handed out by their class teacher.

We celebrate the diversity of languages we have at this school. This is an opportunity for pupil leadership and will enhance learners confidence and ability to support one another as a school community.

Mrs Bandealy​ , Diversity and Multilingual Lead​

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