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Hampton Hill Junior School

Uniform Guidance

It is our school guidance that all children wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in school-organised events outside normal school hours. We ask children to take pride in their personal appearance. Children are at all times ambassadors for the school, and never more so than when larger groups are on school trips. The children should wear their uniform with pride, as it identifies them as pupils of Hampton Hill Junior School.

We do monitor school uniform for affordability. Good quality second hand uniform is available to all parents and other supports are also available to families dependent on need. To support federation links we have recently moved to grey items of clothing. As we are in a period of transition, it is acceptable for black items still to be worn as an alternative.

All children have equal access to wearing school uniform regardless of their culture, race, religion, gender, disability or ability. We ensure that our expectations are in line with other policies and allow for individual circumstances. Hampton Hill Junior School is committed to creating a positive climate that will enable everyone to work free from racial intimidation and harassment and to achieve their full potential.



Our new federation uniform will be in place from September and available from School Days in Whitton: Federation Uniform

We are looking forward to seeing all children proudly wearing this new federation uniform but appreciate that this will take a period of time to settle in, with children still wearing their current CIS or HHJS uniform in September. Initially, we are expecting all reception and Y3 children to start the new year in the new school uniform. 

We do have current second-hand uniform at both schools and this will be available through the summer term to support families. If any family needs support with this change to a new uniform, we would ask them to contact us through the school office.

         All children must wear: ( HHJS phasing over to Federated Uniform )

  • Red HHJS polo shirt
  • Red HHJS sweatshirt / cardigan or fleece
  • Grey school trousers / skirt / shorts or pinafore dress
  • Grey or white socks
  • Grey or red tights
  • In Summer, children may wear a red / white dress with either stripes or checks.
  • Black school shoes (not trainers, heels, platforms or open-toed shoes)

Leggings / cycling shorts and ‘Bermuda’ style shorts are not part of the uniform

Optional uniform:

  • Red HHJS zip waterproof jacket
  • Red HHJS backpack or book bag

          PE/Games Kit - compulsory

  • A HHJS team colour PE / Games T-shirt
  • Plain black or blue sports shorts/ tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain trainers for outdoor PE
  • HHJS team colour swimming cap (available from the school office)
  • Plain hair ties

Sports/ Games kit should be worn for all after school sports clubs.

All clothing should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. The school cannot accept responsibility for any lost items.

          Jewellery/ Hair/ appropriateness

For Health & safety reasons, no jewellery is allowed except stud earrings which will be taped up for PE/Games.

Long hair is to be tied back with a simple, plain hair tie. (Red or black) No decorative hair accessories to be worn. Hair should be natural colour and style.

           Children must not wear make-up or nail polish.

           School Uniform Supplier

           School Days and Just Dancing at 94 High Street, Whitton, TW2 7LN 

           Tel: 020 8898 4881 or visit their website.

           Or use the link below to visit the 'Myclothing' website to place an online order;

           My clothing for online orders