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Hampton Hill Junior School

Times Tables

In June 2020 a new test for year 4 children called the “Multiplication Tables Check” was  introduced.

We are aiming for all pupils to answer their times tables (out of order and division facts) to the level required for that year group. The suggestion is that:

Year 2 Mastery of: x 2, x5, x10 (including division facts)

Year 3 Revision of: x2, x5, x10 and mastery of x3, x4, x8 (including division facts)

Year 4 Mastery of: x6, x7, x9, x11, x12 (including division facts)

Year 5/6 Revision of all plus divisions and extension questions

Each week in class, children will be tested on times tables in the order that it appears above (also revisiting those from previous years). They will not be tested on times tables above their current year group. Children will have 20 questions to complete in 2 minutes. All children will move onto the next test together.

Sheets will be sent home weekly so you are aware of their progress and any apparent gaps which must be addressed in their daily practise at home.

Why do we learn the times tables?

In primary school, times tables knowledge is vital for quick mental maths calculations and problem solving, as well as for many of the topics children learn in years 5 and 6 (division, fractions, percentages). For some examples, please click here.

Daily homework practise (10 minutes 5 times a week)

Because maths is such a big subject, and we will of course continue to teach the full curriculum, we will need your continued support to help practise the times tables with your children. This will help to increase their confidence in the weekly tests and across all maths topics in school.

Some easy ways to do this include:

• asking questions such as “What’s 7 x 8?”

• reciting times tables by rote (4 times 1 is 4, 4 times 2 is 8, etc)

• using apps and games (hit the button, TTRS, multiplication mastered £30 but an excellent resource.)

• singing times tables songs (there are lots online) - - -

Y4 Multiplication Tables Check

For further information please contact Miss Duffy - Maths subject lead.