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Hampton Hill Junior School

Pupil Voice



       What is a school council?

       At HHJS our school council is made up of a group of students that are elected by their classes        each Autumn term. They created a speech which persuaded their class to vote for them. Each class has two representatives and they represent the views of all pupils and they help to improve our school.


Why do we have a School Council at HHJS?

It is beneficial to the whole community and also individuals as it provides a basis for improving important life skills such as: speaking and listening skills, teamwork, problem-solving, moral reasoning skills, self-esteem and self-confidence. It also;

  • Gives the children a voice to have their view heard
  • Allows everyone’s original ideas to be heard
  • We make the final decisions and take them to the Senior Leadership Team
  • We come up with creative ideas for whole school charity events


What do we do?

The School Councillors meet every two weeks (sometimes once a week) on a Tuesday to discuss and sort out school problems such as;

  • Help make the school a better place
  • Help children and advise them with their worries
  • Listen to ideas from the children in our classes
  • Sort out school problems and try to come up with solutions



What successes have we had in the past?

  • We’ve gone above and beyond to fundraise for Comic Relief and have been recognised as a ‘Red Nose Day Super School’
  • Every year we meet with catering staff to help improve school dinners
  • Held an art competition for the theme of the stage in the playground
  • Helped redesign the playground (floor work and wall designs) and bought a school clock which has made the school ground look bright and friendly.
  • Created a ‘golden book’ to celebrate HHJS outstanding learners
  • Introduced a weekly attendance award for the class with the best attendance
  • Introduced a giant banana toy for the Healthiest Class of the week (this has contributed to our silver award)
  • Helped to paint a friendship bench to promote friendship and help children who feel lonely at playtimes
  • We present assemblies to keep everyone informed of what we are doing
  • Launched ‘Litter Picking’ to help keep the school grounds tidy
  • We have raised money for outdoor playground equipment and indoor wet playtime games



School Council Class Reps - pending




































         We also have many other pupil leadership roles in school including;

         *Sports Leaders

        *Office messengers

        *Assembly monitors

        *Recycling monitors

        *Wet Play monitors

        *Display monitors

        *Music Leaders

        *Chicken monitors

        *Garden leaders

        *Pupil Parliament representatives

        *Lunch hall monitors

        *Peer Mentors

        *Junior Travel Ambassadors