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Hampton Hill Junior School

Poetry Club

Spring Term 2022:


Grace races from place to places, Grace can race with laces untied, Place to place, Side to side.

I am Arthur and I like peas, That is all you can learn about me!

My name is Ettie I like to eat spaghetti, I also like cats, And wearing hats, I like to play Roblox, And want to build a robot, I like dancing with my teddies, But don't like eating veggies!

I'm called Noa I quite like snakes, My favourite one's a boa! 

My name is Marianne, But don't say I need to marry Ann, I like art, But don't say I like jam tarts, And that's all from me.


Autumn Term 2021:

Our poetry club, run by Mrs Jones, have created a wonderful Bonfire Night poem:

is a special night
bringing delight.
It brings a little fright
to dogs and cats that might
venture through the night.
Crackle and burn
as we learn
about a certain Guy
with a treacherous eye.
See the beautiful display
that happens on this night -
what a sight!