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Hampton Hill Junior School

Poetry Club

Spring Term - March 2022


Everything has a thing, Even nothing has a thing, Your thing could be a red thing, A yellow thing, A blue thing, Or a new thing It could be anything! - by Lana, Year 6 

World Book Day

What will you come as on World Book Day? An astronaut or a Hogwarts student? Well I hope you have fun because you have won - your clothes are the best! Is it May? I don't know. Anyway. It's World Book Day!!!!!! - by Marianne Year 4

Poetry Club Created a Poem Together

Tell me you like teddies, Tell me you like football, Tell me you like ice cream, Tell me I'm wonderful, Tell me I'm nice, Tell me this is good, Show me you're friendly, Show me you're unique, Show me you can be kind, Show me I can do this, Show me I can trust you, Show me respect.

Spring Term - February 2022:


Grace races from place to places, Grace can race with laces untied, Place to place, Side to side.

I am Arthur and I like peas, That is all you can learn about me!

My name is Ettie I like to eat spaghetti, I also like cats, And wearing hats, I like to play Roblox, And want to build a robot, I like dancing with my teddies, But don't like eating veggies!

I'm called Noa I quite like snakes, My favourite one's a boa! 

My name is Marianne, But don't say I need to marry Ann, I like art, But don't say I like jam tarts, And that's all from me.


Autumn Term 2021:

Our poetry club, run by Mrs Jones, have created a wonderful Bonfire Night poem:

is a special night
bringing delight.
It brings a little fright
to dogs and cats that might
venture through the night.
Crackle and burn
as we learn
about a certain Guy
with a treacherous eye.
See the beautiful display
that happens on this night -
what a sight!