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Hampton Hill Junior School


Music in the Curriculum at HHJS

Ofsted: "There are many opportunities for participating in musical activities of a high standard…"

Our Musical Aims

  • To develop the capacity to express ideas and feelings symbolically through the medium of sound and create movement in response.
  • To listen and respond, explore and internalise music.
  • To sing and play together as individuals, small groups and larger groups.                                
  • To rehearse together to produce a performance.
  • To gain a knowledge of the history of Western classical music, developing an understanding of the language of music, it’s structure and forms of notation.
  • To have the opportunity to play a variety of musical instruments.
  • To compose and improvise pieces of music and songs.                                                                       
  • To experience live performances.
  • To develop an interest in world music and an awareness of different societies and cultures.

Music plays an important role in the life of our school and we have a very strong reputation for a high level of excellence that is unusual in a junior school.

We aim to enable as many children as possible to join in all music making activities whilst extending  those with particular talents  to develop and reach their full musical potential. 

The children have weekly class music lessons with a Music Specialist covering all the National Curriculum aspects of performing, composing and listening delivered through our own bespoke Music Curriculum.  All children in Year 3 have the chance to learn violin, viola or cello, taught as a whole class, through the Wider Opportunities Scheme with Richmond Music Trust.  All families are encouraged to become involved with the enjoyment of music through our concerts and special events every term.  

Every class is taught in weekly 40-minute lessons by our specialist music teacher using elements of the Kodaly musicianship method, introducing the concepts of music through the voice.  The Kodaly approach to music education is child centred and taught in a logical, sequential manner making it accessible to all children whatever their previous musical experience.  The music curriculum is therefore an area where children with individual needs have the chance to succeed and build confidence. 

At all levels, emphasis is placed on the key elements of music teaching; pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure.  The children build a bank of Kodaly game songs throughout their time in the Federation, as each new musical concept is introduced they experience it physically and through the voice before making it conscious through playing, listening, improvising or composing.  The skills and knowledge that the children gain are taught through performance, improvisation, composition, listening and appraising. 

Extra Curricular Music

There are a wide range of instrumental ensembles, directed by professional visiting musicians, open to all from complete beginners and  to those of Grade 5 and above. In our Tuesday Mini Recitals, HHJS musicians volunteer to perform solos weekly to the school, inspiring others and enjoying the opportunity to play to their peers.

  • Senior Orchestra (to start Jan '22)
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Flute Choir
  • Cello Ensemble
  • The Violinis                                                                                                                                                                        

The school is very proud of the quality and breadth of our vibrant vocal work, we sing regularly as a whole school for various events and also offer the opportunity to all children to join our large choir and develop their singing skills with a specialist singer.  The very high standard of our singing is reflected in the school’s national award from Sing Up, the Platinum Award and invitations to perform at various events outside the school, and we enjoy regular musical collaborations with Lady Eleanor Holles School.

Performance is a vital part of the musical life at HHJS and we take part in many events throughout the year. Performances have included St James Church, Hampton Court Palace, The Rose Theatre and The Landmark Arts Centre.

There are termly instrumental concerts for all ensembles and some soloists.  We sing together as a school community at all major school events and hold an annual House Singing Competition with a guest adjudicator.   

There are termly opportunities for the choir to perform, often with other local choirs in some very inspiring venues, whilst every child sings in our annual Christmas concert, previously attended by Ofsted who highlighted our ‘singing of an exceptional standard’.