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Hampton Hill Junior School


In the current climate, funding for schools is increasingly limited.  We are grateful to our School Association for their continued efforts to raise money to ensure that our children have as rich and varied an experience at school as possible.  There are many ways that you can help to raise money for our school, both through involvement in organised events and specific fundraising streams.  We are always keen to hear about new ideas to raise money, in the meantime please see the links below.

Unlike most other lotteries, Your School Lottery lets you support Hampton Hill Junior School directly.  As a supporter, you can join for as little as £1 per week and for this you will have the chance of winning a guaranteed weekly prize for someone within your school community.  The more people that participate , the bigger this guaranteed prize becomes and the more money raised for your school.  On top of this you will also be entered into a separate draw with a chance to win an amazing £25,000 every week!  Joining the school's lottery is easy - just click on the link below and search for Hampton Hill.

Easy fundraising - Help out when you check out!  Collect free donations for Hampton Hill Junior School every time you shop online.  When you shop with over 3,00 shops and sites Easyfundraising give us a commission for your purchase at no extra cost to you!  The commission varies between shops that include high street stores, Amazon, supermarkets, travel companies, office supplies, utilities, finance and insurance  Click on the link below to register and make sure you shop through the Easyfundraising website each time you shop.

Another way of donating to the school is to purchase items from our Amazon wish lists.  We have set up two wish lists; the first is a list of books we would like for our new library, the second is a list of resources that would be used to enhance learning at HHJS.  It is very easy to do! You can either log into and search for the list you want to look at: The first is called HHJS Book List and the second is called Resources Wish List.  You can also click on the links below which will take you directly to the page you are looking for.  If you want to save a link to this list on your account, click the remember button.

HHJS Book List

Resources Wish List

Matched Funding

Did you know that if you work for a large organisation (particularly banks, legal and accountancy firms but also corporates such as Tesco, O2, Unilever etc) chances are you can help Hampton Hill Junior School Association (HHJSA) raise a lot of money for very little effort!

All of these companies offer something called Matched Funding (or Matched Giving) as part of their corporate social responsibility programmes, where they will offer to 'match' funds raised by a charitable organisation such as HHJSA.  For example, just by helping out for 1/2 an hour on a stall at the Christmas or Summer Fair that raises £200, you could then ask your employer to 'match' this by contributing another £200 - thus increasing our fundraising significantly!

Ask your employer if they can help and let us know.


Current Project - School Library

Phase One - The School Association raised a fantastic £20,000 that the school have matched.  We now have a beautiful building.

provided by

Phase Two - to furnish our library and add more books to our stock.

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