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Hampton Hill Junior School

Spring Term - HHJS Garden

Welcome To Our School Garden In The Spring!

If you wander outside to our school garden at lunchtime, you will often find the children very busy looking after all the plants and vegetables. 

Last week Saskia, Tess, Misty and Mia were outside tending to the plants and were able to give a very knowledgable run down on what is happening in the garden at this time of year. 

There are bird feeders, sprouting onion bulbs and rose buds to be found. Some reasons why they enjoy visiting the garden....

"It's just a really nice place to be."

"I enjoy playing a part in helping all the plants grow."

"I like listening to the bird song."

To see lots of photos of the school garden, please click on our pupil gallery. 

We will visit again next term to see the changes that have taken place!