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Hampton Hill Junior School

HHJS Blog - 29th November 2021

This week Year 5 visited the Science Museum!

We spoke to Huey, Harry F, Isabelle, Charlie and Sharvi...

Huey - "We saw changing planets. I saw Jupiter and Earth!"

Harry F - "I saw some real moon rock!"

Sharvi - "I saw what a real astronaut suit looked like."

Isabelle - "I really enjoyed the space section."

Charlie - "I saw the planets Venus, Earth and Mercury"

Harry F - "I also saw a human skeleton."

All the children loved their visit and were excited to see the futuristic gaming room at the museum! To see some pictures of the trip please visit our pupil gallery.

Other news this week - the children have been working hard in their Christmas concert rehearsals. They are also really enjoying their DT lessons where they are making Cam Toys - small toys with mechanisms that allow them to move.

Word of the Week: Retaliate - If you retaliate when someone harms or annoys you, you do something which harms or annoys them in return.

Language of the Week: Cantonese (Hong Kong)