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Hampton Hill Junior School

HHJS Blog - 22nd November 2021

Word of the Week: Clutter - Clutter is a lot of things in an untidy state, especially things that are not useful or necessary.

Language of the Week: Tamil - spoken in Sri Lanka and India.

Learning Behaviour: Collaboration - Respecting the views of others.

This week our kindness cup was awarded to 6B!

Y3 have been very busy this week! Today we speak to Dia, Arthur, Abby, Maddox, Joseph, Lexi and Patrick...

Arthur - "I really liked DT, we were learning about mechanical systems."

Dia - "In English we have been learning about the ocean and pollution." 

Following on from this work Wilf created a brilliant booklet at home, see picture below!

Maddox - "I really liked PE, we were doing circuits and had to keep going with skipping and press-ups!" Lexi went on to demonstrate the plank!

Abby - "I started yellow in Rainbow Maths. I don't think I passed but I really enjoyed it."

Dia - "In French we learnt lots of different words like Bonjour and Salut!"

Lexi - "In maths we learnt about division." Dia added "We did inverse, column addition and subtraction. The subtraction was a bit hard."

Joseph - "I passed my green Rainbow maths and will get a certificate soon. PE was very fun, I was in yellow group and we won!"

Maddox - "In history we learnt about Boudicca. She was the Celtic Queen of East Anglia."

Finally, Jospeh, Lexi and Patrick were all awarded Head Teacher Awards this week for their wonderful timetable booklets.