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Hampton Hill Junior School

HHJS Blog - 15th November 2021

Language of the Week: Czech Hello = Ahoj, we say = Ahoy

Word of the Week: Browse

Learning Behaviour: Collaboration - Talking effectively in a group

4D won the kindness cup this week

Y6 have been incredibly busy this week! We spoke to Mia, Danial, Olivia, Frida, Jude, Skyla, Thomas, Atousa, Elliott and Darcy to find out what they have been up to...

Jude - "In maths I learnt about long division, factors and bid maths." When talking about maths Frida said "At first I thought it was confusing, but it's actually not!"

Darcy - "I really like English, we are reading the book Stay Where You Are & Then Leave, by John Boyne, and we had to write a letter about it"

Mia - "I liked learning about Idioms. It's where you describe something a different way like costs and arm and a leg and a piece of cake."

Elliott - "I really loved doing street dance in indoor PE."

Thomas and Olivia - "I liked outdoor PE, we did tag rugby."

Skyla- "I really enjoyed learning about shadows in Science."

Danial - "My favourite thing this week was learning about square and cube numbers in maths."

Atousa - "Children in Need day was fun as we can wear our own clothes."

Frida, Jude & Atousa - "We loved DT because we get to make soup, we get to cook it and then eat it!

To see some Year 6 writing, please click on the pictures below.