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Hampton Hill Junior School

HHJS Blog 8th November 2021

This week we talk to Year 4 - Etta, Zain, Finn, Jasper, Primrose and Daphne tell us what they have been up to......

Word of the Week - Clench - If you clench something in your hand or in your teeth, you hold it tightly with your hand or your teeth.

Language of the week - French - Hello = Bonjour

Learning Behaviour - Collaboration - Sharing roles and responsibilities

Zain "I loved doing Rainbow maths"

Jasper and Daphne "We really enjoyed indoor PE this week, we went on the springboards and apparatus"

Finn "Let me tell you about our science lesson, I loved putting a surface in front of steam and seeing it turn back into a liquid"

Etta - "I really enjoyed performing the poem Sandwich, by Valerie Bloom"

Primrose - "I liked learning all the English poems by Valerie Bloom - Sandwich, Carnival and Hot Like Fire"

Etta & Zain "We really enjoyed art and using primary, secondary and tertiary colours in our face portraits"