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Hampton Hill Junior School

HHJS Blog - 1st November 2021

Year 5 - Misty, Evie, Harry and Max tell us about their week....

Our word of the week - Silhouette - a silhouette is the solid dark shape that you see when someone or something has a bright light or pale background behind them.

Language of the week - Indonesian / Bahasa

Learning Behaviour - Collaboration

5D was awarded the Kindness Cup 

Year 5 have had a great week learning about, space, seasons, mountains & volcanoes, responsibilities & resilience and The Last Supper.

Max "I learnt that the earth orbits the sun"

Harry "In PE we learnt to work together in a group, the front person had a blindfold and the rest of us had to tell the front person where to go!"

Max "I loved playing bench ball"

Evie & Misty "My favourite thing was Celebration Assembly"

Harry "I really liked visiting the chickens"

Max "I was really proud of my long piece of writing in RE"

All "We are really looking forward to the England Rocks TTRS challenge next week!"